What is the future of manufacturing?

Our Mission

Try, fail, succeed big times!

Valder Technologies Ltd. is a totally independent spin off of the Valder Kunststoffverarbeitungs GmbH, an injection molding company in Germany. Our sole purpose is to explore the Industry 4.0 and Digital Manufacturing Economy with a startup perspective. We are the so called Mittelstand in Germany.

Digital Lab

We manufacture with plastic since 1958.

We develop with code since 2010.

We are and always have been huge fans of inventions. We are used to be servant to those brave enough to have them. Now, we become innovators ourselves. Our digital laboratory is located in Berlin, one of the most vibrant startup hubs in Europe.



We focus on ideas around injection molding, supply chain management and industry 4.0.


Lean Startup Methodology

Coming from lean manufacturing, we are true believers in the lean startup methodology.



We are used to “ship” just in time and do it now continuously with code.

The community

Something was missing.

Why was there no real connection between the modern startup scene, the disruptive inventor community, and the traditional manufacturing industry?

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Our Blog

We blog about our events, ideas and innovation around manufacturing.


Are you inventing technology for the industry 4.0 or software for the digital manufacturing economy? We would love to hear from you! We plan to invest in 1-3 startups per year.


Valder Kunststoffverarbeitungs GmbH

Injection Molding for the European industry

Valder Kunststoffverarbeitungs GmbH (our parent company) does injection molding since 1958 in Germany.


Feel free to connect at anytime.