Can it be beneficial to start an automobile startup outside the typical automobile manufacturing clusters?

If there is no existing supply chain nearby, and because of that, little to no politics during “lunch time”, in the sense of – no binding & complicated relationships between companies which can stop or crumble free thinking innovation, how would this disconnect impact a) automobile entrepreneurs or b) new ventures from already established companies?

c) How meaningful is the success of Tesla for more new entrants into the automobile market? Tesla was founded by one of the founders of PayPal, an online payment solution. The same person also founded Space X, one of the leading private space explorations companies. d) How many of such entrepreneurs do we have in Germany? e) How can we attract more from the international scene?

But before we go crazy about a german version of a Tesla success, f) what does it take to develop & manufacture an automobile? Lets focus on cars meant for public streets. g) Can a startup handle such an venture? h) Are there partners who might be able & willing to help such new ventures? i) Are politics in place who stop such new ventures?

You see, there are lots of incredible questions with answers worth entrepreneurial gold.
At m3, we seek out to connect talents from the maker movement (hardware & digital startups) with the traditional but powerful manufacturing industry to answer such questions during the event.

Another beauty of m3 is that it’s an community initiative! Do you know of industry experts who could help answer these questions? Please let us know in the comments or via Email. We will try everything to get the best of the best to each and every of our m3 events.

More informations about the event are here: Link

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