Join us for an evening of networking and discussion around drones (UAVs), the manufacture thereof, and how businesses can apply them.

Imagine a future with docking ports attached to buildings & drones flying around delivering all sorts of goods. Or, are we going to see drones more in rural areas and working the fields? Will the sky be crowded by drones? If so, what nation/hub will be the leading manufacturer of these flying helpers? Does Germany has a chance to add drones to its renowned manufacturing specialities? Which of today’s companies are poised to succeed this race? Have startups a chance? If so, what funding is needed to kickstart and scale a drone manufacturing/operating business? How do you manufacture a drone? How crucial is the combination with software?


Stay and enjoy our first makers & manufacturers – tech – meetup — > summer fest.

This will be our first summer fest, and it’s going be cozy, super chill and with lots of nice people! The event space is pretty cute! It’s right next to the Mauerpark in Berlin!! And we might even have some drones delivering the beers or these little glasses with sparkling wine 😉


At the makers & manufacturers – tech – meetup (m3), we seek out to connect talents from the maker movement (hardware & digital startups) and the powerful manufacturing industry.

The meetup format equals community! And community includes You! Do you know of industry experts who could help answer one of the major questions of this edition? Let us know in the comments or via PM. We try everything to get the best of the best to each and every of our m3 events.


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Curious? Then join the meetup: Link

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