Then join us for our 6th m3 event in Berlin to discuss these and many more questions reg. car startups. Event Link


Fact: One in every five cars worldwide carries a German brand. Source: VDA 2015

Question: Does this make Germany the ideal platform for car startups? Will the next Tesla(s) launch from Germany?

Fact: 21 of the world’s top 100 automotive suppliers are German companies. Source: Automobilwoche, Spezial Dez. 2015

Question: How important is the topic of auto startups for German automotive suppliers?

Fact: R&D personnel within the German automobile industry reached a level of just about 100.000 in 2015. Around 792.500 are employed in the industry as a whole. Source: VDA 2016

Question: What happens if this large group of professionals joins the “startup ecosystem”?


Intrigued? If so, meet us on June 29th at the new WeWork space at Sony Center Berlin with the incredibly awesome view over the Tiergarten.

Our main speaker will be Hans-Jürgen Esch, an electrical engineer & inventor of the EQ electro vehicle. You can learn more about the EQ here and here.

Note: This m3 edition will be held in German. Diese Edition wird auf deutsch sein.

Looking fwd to seeing all of you again,

p.s. check our next meetup for July already. It will be at Fab Lab Berlin and about the issues of “Made to Manufacture”. More about that one later.

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