Improving the buying process for custom made injection moulded parts

Sourcing suppliers for a new product is certainly a time-consuming process. What should be the least amount of time that you should invest to feel secure that you have found the best option?

When you need custom injection moulded parts, you could easily spend days compiling a list of potential suppliers, sending in an RFQ to all of them and managing the back & forth until you receive enough offers and enough information to make a buying decision. If you look back afterwards, you can see how much time this traditional buying method wastes. Too often it won’t be clear from the information you initially act upon, whether or not these companies are capable of fulfilling your order in time.

Saving time with zenMFG

Fortunately there is a new smart alternative. zenMFG makes finding a supplier for your custom injection moulded parts simple and transparent. One RFQ sent to zenMFG results in our smart algorithm finding the right injection moulding businesses for you and submitting the request on your behalf. Many of those who receive the RFQ will want to respond positively and submit a quotation to try and win your business, and hopefully establish a long-term working relationship with you. With zenMFG most of the worry and hassle is removed from the process. Companies will only respond to your request if they want to do so. This level of self-selection demonstrates that they are confident that they possess suitable equipment, and have sufficient skills and production time available to complete your job satisfactorily. Instead of spending hours contacting dozens of potentially unsuitable companies individually, zenMFG lets suitable companies come to you if they want your business.

Increased transparency with zenMFG

Arranging an order with a supplier can feel very frustrating. You submit an RFQ and wait to receive a response. You may or may not hear anything back in a reasonable timeframe. Even when the order is finally placed, not all suppliers are good at keeping you constantly updated on the job progress. Too often you are left guessing how your order is proceeding, which leads to more inquiries by you that ultimately waste valuable time.

With zenMFG everything is much simpler. Using the zenMFG Timeline you can see exactly what is happening at every stage of the process.

Your company only needs to submit one RFQ and then sit back and wait for the responses to come in.

The zenMFG Timeline shows you at a glance how many companies have received your RFQ and how many are preparing to make an offer. Once you have made your selection and placed an order with your chosen injection moulding company, the timeline keeps you updated with the order progress and notifies you when your order has left the factory. Laying out the entire process visually provides peace-of-mind, and ensures that there can be no misunderstanding regarding delivery dates.

Save money with zenMFG

Price is one of the greatest consideration when determining which company should receive an order. The difficulty is often deciding which business offers the greatest value. It is easy for hidden costs to creep in, and for deadlines to shift with the wrong partner in your supply chain. The other cost issue which often gets overlooked is the cost involved in locating your supplier in the first place. ZenMFG saves you money by bringing the suppliers to you. There is no more wasting time, and the associated costs, chasing possible suppliers. zenMFG does all the dull work. Buying custom made injection moulded plastic parts is cheaper, faster, and hassle free with zenMFG.

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