Hymn on Technical Buyers

If you want to have a great product there are three things you need, and everyone in manufacturing knows it. All great products are based on creativity, love, and plastic ;-).

Every well established product we know today started life as an innovation. It may have been invented decades ago, but everything was new once – that’s creativity.

Love is the second essential component of success, however great your idea or innovation you can’t make it happen on your own. Everyone needs a team behind them to make it happen. Only by working with others can we achieve success and put our ideas into production.

The third thing we can’t do without is plastic. Plastic is the universal material for modern life and manufacturing. Even when companies such as Apple like to add aluminium unibody cases to enhance the appeal of their products, almost every product has a high level of plastic in it. Plastic is everywhere and plastic products can feel pretty amazing too.

The journey to production

Every product starts life as an idea, which is developed into a design. It might begin as a sketch on a napkin or as digital version. However it starts, an idea becomes real long before you can touch and feel it.

Once the design is in place the product starts an engineering journey which will see the idea and its visualisation, tried, prototyped and progress through multiple iterations until hopefully it is perfected for its first public act.
Not all prototypes reach even this first stage of success, the entrepreneurial journey can sometimes be a long road. James Dyson had to make over 5000 changes to his famous vacuum cleaner before it was ready for production.

But once the design is perfected the real challenge begins:

How do you get your new product to customers as quickly and efficiently as possible?

This is where the technical buyer becomes the key member of your team, they might also be the manufacturing engineer or the supply chain manager. Whatever their title, they are the one who now has the responsibility to turn your design into a physical product. They have to make it happen.

The technical buyer is responsible for;

  • choosing materials which make economic sense
  • selecting a method of part design which makes economic sense
  • ensuring all optimisations are recommended by suppliers
  • checking that lead times for parts are in line with overall goals
  • ensuring the right production process is chosen for the volume or product stage
  • locating the right external teams to accomplish the company goals
  • assessing potential suppliers to ensure they are a good fit
  • negotiating prices, and staying within the agreed budget
  • resolving communications issues with suppliers and their own team
  • building strong & reliable relationships


For all these technical buyers within #ukmfg, this is a hymn of praise for the great work they do every day, in recognition of the effort they make to build and expand our strong manufacturing economy.

For all these hardworking technical buyers we have some great news. UK manufacturing is evolving to a digital manufacturing economy. New machines are coming online all the time, new concepts are being embraced, and the Internet is making our business communication faster than ever before.

This is just one chapter from this success story in the making. All the essential manufacturing activities are being embraced by the digital economy as we move forward. This is good news, now in 2016, you can use business tools, services and apps that are user-centric by nature. This means that they look just like the great consumer apps you use every day.

  1. ZEN MFG is the new, smart way to manufacture. With ZEN MFG we support your buying of custom made injection moulded parts, we make finding suppliers quick and efficient. We save you, and your company time and money.
  2. The ZEN Timeline offers complete peace of mind. You can see what is happening at every stage of the process.
  3. Our digital overview of all offers gives you the ability to quickly see which offers may be a good fit for your requirements, and make the right choice for your business.

Putting all this together makes you a zen technical buyer, someone who has the power to handle every deadline with calmness, locate quality offers and make the right decisions to guide your company on the path to success. Try ZEN MFG today and see the difference it can make to your business.

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