This was another of our high-focus meetups for the intersection of making and manufacturing “things”.
We met Wednesday the 29th of June at the new WeWork co-working space in Berlin to discuss how car startups are done in Germany. As always, m3 stands for makers & manufacturers meetup, and we had a wide variety of talents at the event, ranging from Tier 1 suppliers, to multiple inventors of automobiles, to software developers and anything in-between. Fortunately we had 2  incredible speakers for the evening:
1. Hans-Jürgen Esch, inventor of the EQ city car. The EQ is a one seater that is powered by a removable battery which can be charged at normal electricity plugs.

2. Robin Tech, co-founder of Atom Leap, an Hardware Accelerator in Berlin that focuses this year on automotive and smart energy.

The essence of the whole chatter in a nutshell:

  • e-mobility makes cars and the manufacture thereof feasible for startups.
  • Challenging is obviously the manufacture, but even more important for the success of a new car brand are sales and anything customers expect after sales.
  • The financing of a car startup is hard, and should be on the agenda of any economical initiative by governments.
  • Berlin has multiple advantages as e-mobility hub:
    • It’s a metropolitan city,
    • has enough distance to established car manufacturers to avoid politics but benefit from quick deliveries,
    • and enough character to brand new innovative mobility solutions.
  • China never wanted to compete on current gas vehicles, they do everything to dominate the future of e-mobility.
  • The car is losing its status as lifestyle attribute and becomes commodity.
  • Countries with no stark car industry might have advantages in e-mobility because large suppliers in Germany impede e-mobility.
  • There will be several new car manufacturers till the end of this decade, either from “real” startups or originating from established companies.

Interested in this topic?

Then make sure to join our meetup group on to learn about our future events on car startups. We plan multiple variations on this topic to foster more entrepreneurship in this immensely important space for the German and European maker & manufacturer industry.

Here are some impressions from the event:

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